Hi, I’m Michael David. In this blog, I share and celebrate illustrations and store some facts from the history of art that I find interesting. While I try my best as a blogger, I used to turn to paints to tell stories and share my image of the world.

Having been in the artistic circle since 1981 with my first one-man show at Sidney Janis Gallery I went on presenting art to the world. My exhibitions were seen in many countries around the globe. After visiting China I discovered the encaustic art and got enchanted with the soft look of the wax and mysterious game of its layers on wood.

Later I experimented with traditional photography and representational painting and somehow made my way to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Everywhere I went and also from my students’ experiences, I have seen art follow human beings through all cultures and stages of life. Making difference. Opening minds and hearts, raising spirits and making us feel we are a part of something larger than ourselves, providing great meaning to our lives. Painting can feel lonely sometimes as you imprison yourself in a solitary studio and surround with responsibilities to work. But it also gives you the understanding of the importance of collaboration and the feeling of enrichment. Talking to students had brought me an enormous boost in my artistic practice ways – I never imagined it was possible. Fine Arts Workshop’s philosophy has come to life through pedagogical approach.