Our workshops are energetic, creative, fun and provocative. Don’t expect to have a nap here as we are full of energy and desire to infect you with ideas and share our favorite techniques to implement those. We go an extra mile to make our classes as illustrative as possible and never hesitate to use Powerpoint presentations, lectures, cards, historical films and more.

Here are our studios:


The material’s texture and plasticity are at focus. Step outside your accustomed environment and immerse into the meditative atmosphere of our pottery making studio. Learn more by contacting us.


Get introduced to the basics of woodworking on our hands-on class. Each lesson offers you another area of woodworking so by the end of the course you will have all the knowledge of techniques to choose from for your projects. Learn more by getting in touch.

Painting and drawing

Boost your painting skills and diversify your practice due to an intensive workshop intended for intermediate painters who feel like pushing their work to another level. We provide an engaging lecture, passionate discussions, and focused critiques. Learn more using the contact us page.

Wax painting

Discover the wax medium as the new way of expression. Let your style flow through the layers and fuse your unique voice floating up through the surface to a viewer’s eyes.